Assistive technology

Access Centre of Technical University in Košice is currently equipped with appropriate technologies (hardware and software) for students with special needs to support their studies. Devices are used by students and applicants for study with a health disability or learning disability. Assistive technology are also used for training of coordinators of other universities in Slovakia.

Professionals in the field of assistive technologies that are working in access centre are helping with degree of students disability evaluation  and based on this evaluation they can recommend the most appropriate assistive technology to help them by study. They also provide for students training to control recommended assistive technology.

Assistive technology is a tool or service and it can be called any apparatus, devices, products, technical principles or services, which serve for compensation of functional limitation, independent living facilitation, daily activities realization, education and employment support, barriers overcoming and for facilitation of daily life activities performing.

Assistive technologies that are available in Access Center are divided by type of health disability:

Visual impairment

Hearing impairment

Physical impairment

Other health impairment