Since 2013 there has been a fundamental change in the financing of services for students with special needs (SP) in Slovakia. Universities upon registration of students with special needs receive contribution from The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic to finance the extra costs connected with study of students with SP. The amount depends on the type of student disability,  and it is classified into groups A , B , C1, C2, D and E.

The base requirement to receive this contribution is  evidence of students with special needs in the information system at the student ‘s home faculty , at the Technical University of Kosice , it is for all faculties Mais.

The basic condition to keep information about the student with specific needs is the registration of student as follows:

  • registration at the Access Center and signing of student informed consent,  which is a part of the entry form,
  • delivery of confirmation about student disability,  it can be:
    • medical certificate not older than three months, which is particularly medical report, report on the progress and development of disease and disability, or an extract from medical records, or
    • expression of psychologists, speech therapists, school psychologists, speech therapists and special educators.
  • evaluation of students specific needs

Stored data about specific needs are treated as confidential and sensitive data.