Purpose of special needs evaluation

Evaluation of specific needs and signed agreement of student with his/her registration are base conditions for registration of student in to information system MAIS and for realisation of necessary accomodations for access to study according the student specific needs.

Evaluation of specific needs

For evaluation of student specific needs for study purpose  and for obtaining the status of student with specific needs is necessary to contact Access Center TUKE, which will evaluate student specific needs  (or applicant with specific needs for study) and the range and form of of support services and accomodation during study.

On the base of specific needs evaluation  is worked out Recomendation for study accessibility and for admission of the status of student with specific needs, it has to be consequently approved by vice dean for education  for particular faculty. The content of this document is identification of needs and obstacles regarding the study and propose of specific  suitable accomodations and actions, which can help to compensate these obstacles.

The use of student with specific needs status and proposal for modifications to make the study accessible

Recommendation for making study accessible and admission of status of student with special needs  is available to student and to the faculty coordinator for students with SN. BBC staff  inform student about the use of this document during the study and in particular for the following purposes:

  1. as a support for the required modifications of study conditions (eg. a request for an individual study plan, adaptations of the form and fulfilment of study requirements, credits and exams, support in learning, services such as interpretation, lending of assistive technology, processing of study materials, etc.).
  2.  in contact with teachers for clarifying the needs of student for learning

The specific needs of student to which are provided support services can be reviewed during the study period, and also at the request of the student.

The student uses this document according his discretion, modifications suggested therein are not applied automatically, without student request  (eg. individual study plan). The same is true about information for teachers. Student informs teachers either alone using Recomendation for study accessibility and for admission of the status of student with specific needs or in cooperation with the faculty coordinator.