Wireless signaling system LISA

Signaling system converts input signals, sounds (eg. doorbell sound, the sound of the telephone ringing, the child crying, the sound of the alarm) to flashing or vibrating signals.

  • The alarm system is always composed from at least one sensor (transmitter) and from at least one receiver (signalizator)
  • The sensor (transmitter) picks up sound from the sound source, converts it into a radio pulse and transmits it wirelessly to the receiver (indicator).

All sensors (transmitters) send a signal to all the receivers that are turned on and are within range of the transmitted signal and each receiver can accept up to six signals.

  • Sensors (transmitters) can be acoustic or galvanic.
  • Acoustic sensors pick up the sound using a microphone that is placed near the sound source.
  • Galvanic sensors can be connected directly to the audio source using the cable.
  • Signals receivers are divided into acoustic , flashing or vibrating.
  • Signals receivers can be separate units or may be integrated into an alarm clock.

InfraLight II HA

InfraLight is a portable device for receiving and transmitting sound broadcasting based on infrared light.



RadioLight is a portable device designed to receive and transmit sound by radio waves.